Cat getting really fat after giving birth 4 months ago?

by Rob

My cat gave birth to a litter 4 months ago, everything went fine. Within the last month though her belly has gotten very fat, she looks like she's ready to give birth again that's how big it's gotten. She's had liters before and this has never happened. She doesn't seem in any pain and acts normal. She's actually started to let her kittens nurse again, maybe twice a day now. I feel her belly to see if there's any movement, incase she is pregnant again, but no movement.

In the past she's had liters of 6 or 7 this time it was only 4.
Could her body be making too much milk, if that's what it is?


Answer by Kate

hi Rob well i'm afraid this one is beyound my experience. perhaps someone else will leave a comment here who may have gone through something similar.

If you are worried it is alwasy worth taking them to the vets even if it is just to put your own mind at rest :)

Comments for Cat getting really fat after giving birth 4 months ago?

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Typically ignorant male
by: Anonymous

Even after all the comments about your irresponsible furparenting, your only response was to confirm your cat was pregnant again and have taken pride in the 8 kittens she has birthed. People like you should not be allowed to have pets and should be listed under animal cruelty. Its utterly sick.

Sweet jesus get your cat neutered
by: Peej

No offence, but you sound like an irresponsible cat owner, I'm sure you mean well and love your cat(s), however, aside from the overpopulation issue and the amount of ferals out there uncared for, it's dangerous for your cat's health not to be neutered, apart from the obvious possibility of ovarian and uteran cancer, the fluctuations in hormones from getting pregnant over and over (and other factors even if she doesn't get pregnant) can cause a secondary infection known as pyometra, it's extremely aggressive, painful and lethal to the cat, it swells the uterus to a massive size, filling it with infected fluid, if this bursts (and it will without surgery) your cat is dead, and an excruciating death too, surgery may not even be good enough to save her, one nick in the wrong place, or heavy handed squeeze from the vet and it's over, cannot express how dangerous and irresponsible it is to just leave your cat unneutered, however if you insist on it, at least have the sense to bring her to the vet next time she swells up instead of blogging about it...

Fat cat, Poor cat!
by: Anonymous

Poor poor baby making machine, get her fixed! How would you like to be a constantly feeding and having babies? Never mind the previous comments about the amount of already homeless cats in the world! Get some responsibility for your pets ! I am disabled and on low income due to an accident but I still managed to get my 2 girls and 1 boy "done" and regular vet checks. If you love and respect your fur baby's then they should be treated like a member of the family.

4 months ago
by: Rose

I appreciate your effort which you applied on this blog. Thank you so much for sharing this and keep it up.

Time to get your Cat fixed
by: Anonymous

You say in your convos that your cat has had several litters. Dont you think its time to get the cat fixed. Do you really think its good for a cat to be constantly pregnant. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens!

There are so many feral cats or cats that are put to sleep because they are unwanted or sitting in refuges waiting for to be rehomed, you are just adding to the problem by not being a responsible owner!!

fat cat
by: Anonymous

More likely than not she is pregnant again. A cat will start weaning her kittens at about 5/6 weeks after birth and will go into heat again and give birth roughly 2 months later. My recommendation is that unless you are in the business of breeding a purebred cat (even a purebred cat is not a baby making machine) take the stress off of her and have her altered. She will be a much happier cat as well as live a longer life.

by: Rob

Well, found out why she was so fat. She was pregnant!
I just never seen her get so big before,,lol
She had a litter of 8 and all are doing really good so far.

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