cat gone daft

by hope
(mankato , minnesota)

last august we rescued a batch of kittens a feral cat had abandoned. 2 where very aggressive from the start and we found them a home on a farm suited to their behavior. we kept one male and the only female of the batch.

the male kept attacking our 2 children while they slept so he quickly followed out to the farm . that left us the calico female taffy. we have not yet had her declawed or fixed and have well okay semi spoiled her as part of the family. but recently she has been acting very very dingy. she is licking light sockets bitting power cords breaking into our cupboards in the kitchen suddly pooping right outside the litter box instead of inside despite clean box( shes not had one accident since we took her in has always used the litter box) and is rolling on the floor rubbing her body sniffing the carpet roll again sniff carpet sniff rectal and vaginal area then sniff floor again then roll et again and pull herself with her claws across the floor on her side repeat whole process bite tail yelp and shes poking the living daylights out of the carpet like it offended her in some way. i keep removing her from the lightsocket area and we have covered the sockets with baby proff covers but she just goes to the ones with plugs in the outlet and licking around the plug im at a loss but my daugher is in love with her and id really like to fix this if i can so she doesnt lose her beloved taffy girl.

Answer by KAte

Hi firstly can i beg you not to get her de clawed. This is a practice that many are trying to outlaw in the U.S and is banned here in the UK. There is absolutely no reason to do this and can cause the cat a lot of distress and in some cases pain. Sadly some vets do it for the money, it is shameful.

Any way I had to say that as it breaks my heart.

the behavior you describe could either be associated with her being in heat. Some female cats can go a bit odd during their heat.

The other possibility is that your cat is one of the rare animals who have a condition known as Pica. little is known about it apart from the fact that it causes animals to try to eat non food stuffs, i.e cables etc. little can be done apart from doing everything you can to prevent your cat getting to such items.

best wishes Kate

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