Cat growling all the time

I have a girl cat she is one years old she and one day she started growling, she was not acting the same, I called the vet they said she was in heat so i got her spayed and she came home and she was still growling,about 2 weeks later she was still growling and started to use the bathroom everywhere? and her tail is puffed up like she is threathend by anything that passes by her?

Answer by Kate
Hi, well this does sound strange. if i were in your place I would take her back to the vets for another check over, just in case the vet missed something. She sounds like she may be in some discomfort.

If the vet gives a clean bill of health then you may have to consider that she is not happy about something in the home environment which is causing her to feel unsettled and threatened.

You could try a period of litter training which involves confining the cat to one room for about a week with there litter tray. this helps the cat to become confident in a smaller area and also re introduces them to there litter tray. please see my web page for details of this procedure at the bottom of the page. here is the page

Make sure your cat has lots to do around the home too, a bored cat can be a destructive or aggressive cat too. they need lots of things to keep them happy and entertained throughout the day and to carry out there cat instincts. I have a page about how to make the home environment as entertaining as possible here

best wishes Kate

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