The Best Cat Gym 
To Entertain and Exercise Your Kitty 

A cat gym has to be one of the most fun pieces of cat furniture you can buy for your special feline friend.

They are so much more than simple cat trees or climbing post. A kitty gym is usually a combination of cat towers, scratching posts, cat climbing trees, kitty condos, perching platforms, toys and more!

Imagine for a moment that you are a cat! How excited would you feel to find one of these amazing gyms in your home? Just think of how much fun you could have! 

Imagine Your Cat's Excitement!

You could jump and climb to your hearts content! No more prowling around the house looking for something to chase because you are soooo bored!

With your own purpose built kitty gym like the ones in these photos, you can work off all that excess energy and let your kitty instincts run wild!

You can climb up to the look-out post up on top and keep a careful watch over your territory.

Or you can hide in the handy cubby holes and wait for just the right moment to ambush your other kitty friends or even your human guardian.

And don't forget about having that all important stretch and a scratch on those inviting cat scratching posts, to help keep those lovely claws of yours nicely smoothed down and in tip top condition!

Endless Fun And Exercise

Your guardian might even have bought you a kitty gym with some toys built into it!

There might be dangling mice toys you can whack and have a bite at, or some feathery toys on springy wires that move about so you can pretend you are chasing a birdy!

Wow, all of a sudden there's so much to do!

Now, when your guardian goes out shopping and you are stuck in the house, you certainly won’t worry about feeling bored any more.

You can now get some all important exercise and work off some of those kitty calories in a fun-packed kitty gym like these ones! All this jumping, climbing and playing just has to be good for you doesn't it?

And when you are all nicely tired out and ready for a lovely cat-nap, you are even spoilt for choice for places to have a peaceful lie down and relax.

A Cat Gym Changed Our Cats lives.

Well, that's how I think a kitty would feel if they had a kitty gym of their own – what do you think? These multi use cat climbing trees have really changed our cat's lives. Boredom is a thing of the past and they love sitting at the top and looking out of the window too.

I've shown you here just a few examples of the amazing variety of cat gyms that are available, so simply click through to see the full range. 

There is such a wide variety or these cat towers, so you should be able to find something that suits both your budget and the amount of space you have at home. Do make sure you check the measurements when ordering though, because some of these cat gyms are very large indeed! 

Now, let the fun begin!

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