Cat hair loss under belly and back legs

by Twilah Bumsteasd
(Conroe, TX USA)

I have 3 cats that been in my garage for 2 months. They beginning to loose hair under their belly and back legs. the hair look like it was shaved with alittle even at the skin. No sores or irritation.

Answer by Kate
I'm not sure what to say about this. It is usually very obvious when fur has been shaven as it has neat edges.
It is also strange that it has happened to all of them. It is either something that has got on their fur in the garage or they have some sort of parisite which is making them oovergrrom and bite their fur out. probably best to stop them using the shed for a few weeks to see if it gets better and to treat the cats for fleas and worms etc. So that all possibilities have been eliminated.
I hope it does grow back soon and that you do not have a mad man in the area shaving cats.

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Ringworm is a fungus
by: Anonymous

Ringworm is a fungal infection. It is not a worm. It is however contagious, and can spread to humans.

Hair Loss
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say that it seems odd to me that suddenly ppl are having issues with their cats losing hair all in the same places.

When things like this happen, I have to question the food companies and whether they've changed ingredients or not. Just because they don't notify you doesn't mean they haven't found a "cheaper" way of making their food.

by: Anonymous

Hi!! I have an outdoor cat that will not let me get close enough to apply topical flea repellant.
I noticed for the past month that her inner hind legs look as if they were shaved also. The other two outdoor cats that allow me to apply flea repellent have beautiful fur. I am going to order oral flea repellant to see if this will help her hair to come back.

I do know that my indoor cat loses hair when we have
visitors for a long time or have persons doing work on our home. The stress of having strange people around makes my indoor cat very anxious. My indoor cat is paralyzed from the waist down.

Total loss of hair on tummy
by: Janine

That is an interesting post because my sister has two cats who are indoor cats. Tige has never had a litter so she does have that floppy sack of belly - which looks even bigger. She doesn't overgroom and she is not off food etc. But she has no fur on her belly and around the edges it genuinely looks and feels like she has been shaved - trying to find help. She doesn't do well with being taken to a vet so I have the number of a vet who does house calls but wondering if there is someone out there that can suggest what it could be.

Ringworm cure
by: Bth

We have barn cats and they get ringworm from time to time. We have always used coconut oil on the bald spots. It stops the itching and it´s good for them if the lick it off.

Loss of hair
by: Connie

My Tabby is having lots of hair loss on his side's. His skin is not sores. This just started a few weeks ago. He has been an outdoor/ shop cat for over a year. He is an older cat...10+ years. What could be the issue?

Hair loss in cats
by: linda

Have read all your stories my cat also has had this problem, losing her hair on her back by the tail , inside her legs and belly.. she is 15 and I has always been healthy never taken her to the vets and was sure I cloud treat her myself as I believe all these chemicals do them and us no good . I have treated her with Silvergel antifungal gel and Osogood pet spay paraben free and antifungal , I put it on twice day for a week and it worked , kept it up
For two weeks and it cleared completely.. Cost so much less than these expensive vets treatments ..

Losing hair- scented litter
by: Karin

My cat was experiencing the same problem. I changed to natural, non-scented le\itter and her hair grew back.

long haired cat
by: Anonymous

Since the birth of my cat he eats the same food and I'm using the same litter. I have two cats the outside one is perfectly healthy the inside cat lost all his tummy and hind legs hair. OMG I thought someone had shaved him. I was living with other people even believed it was them shaving my cats beautiful fur

My cat losing his hair
by: Teresa

I been noticing my cat losing his hair on his belly next to his under arm and hand legs. I'm wondering if there is somethingbi can give him

smooth legged cat
by: Anonymous

We live in a small subdivision in the country and the cat uses the dog door to come and go when he wants. He's very shy and we can only pet him when he wants us to. Sometimes we go days without seeing him. Right now he's in a loving mood and I noticed the inside of his back legs are hairless. I don't see him over grooming or itching. It's very hard to get him to the vet. He's about 8 years old. Any ideas?

Loss of hair on belly and inside of back legs
by: Anonymous

A female kitty came to our house 6 years ago. She was pregnant and after having her four adorable kittens lost all of her hair on her belly and inside of back legs. The hair never grew back, but she never had any other symptoms, so our vet said it was hormonal. Last year she started losing weight. No other changes. She did not have any change in her eating/drinking habits (she never was a big eater). Vet did every test, xray, etc she could think of and gave us periactin as an appetite stimulant, but was at a loss as to the cause of her weight loss. My normally 10 pound cat had lost down to 8 pounds. I researched the internet and found exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. The vet said this was rare in cats and they would eat a lot and still lose weight. My cat was being a picky eater, as usual. I insisted on the blood test. The test came back positive for this disease. I now syringe feed her once a day (allowing her to eat on her own the rest of the day) with food mixed with pancreatic enzymes. My cat is now a healthy 10 and one half pounds and finally has beautiful hair on her belly. I wonder how many cats starve to death, because vets fail to recognize EPI in cats.

At a loss over my cat's hair loss!
by: Liz

I have a nine year old Turkish Van mix who began losing the fur on her belly and the inner thighs of her hind legs about six months ago. I have taken her to the vet twice. The first time she was given an antibiotic that did not help. Then she was given a steroid shot that was very effective for about a month. She stopped the licking and scratching and the fur actually began to grow back. However, once the steroid quit working, the symptoms returned. I was told by our vet that this steroid shot could not be administered more than once or twice a year. I tried changing litters, food, etc., with no improvement. Are there some tests I could suggest to our vet to to determine what is causing this condition?

My cat looks shaved
by: Debbie

My cat also. Finally took him to the vet. I thought it was ringworm. Turns out he is allergic to fleas

Ringworm is not a 'worm'
by: Anonymous

FYI... 'ringworm' is NOT a worm. Its a fungus. Its named that because the lesions are circular. It is a fungus that gets into hair follicles and must be carefully treated / usually with lyme-sulfur dips/baths, every 2-3 days for 5 weeks - as it IS contagious to humans as well.

What is up with these shaved looking cats
by: Jess

My cat is also having the same thing. She is not ichy at all just has even on both the outsides of her legs, about a hands worth of hair that looks shaved. I have treated her for everything and went to organic litter and even food changes and treated for fleas and ringworm. She's been like this for about 6 months or longer. She is an older cat, but nothing else is wrong with her. No other symptoms just the shaved looking patches.

by: Anonymous

I really hope someone comes across this message! I have a 10 year old tabby cat, that 2 years ago started licking OFF hair on her stomach and then on her legs. SHE LOOKED TERRIBLE. I took her to the vet and had every test run on her. They gave her pills/shots that didn't work. I was sick, because I wanted to get to the bottom of the problem... so I was out at PETCO, looking for some homeopathic sprays to use, when a 20 something clerk came up and asked why I was buying all this stuff? I told him about my cat issues and he said come with me, he led me to the food isle and gave me a bag of CANDAE grain free, chicken free food. I told him that I have changed her food and it didn't help. He said give her this food, no grain no chicken, wait 6-8 weeks to start seeing results. My cat has full fur 6 months later!!!! I wish my expensive vet would have suggest this years ago. Please try it, and it's not expensive. I know all about trolling the internet looking for answers! Thank God for Cat Lovers!!!

cat hair loss
by: mary e

My cat has hair loss on her tummy, back and front legs. The vet gave her a steroid shot which didn't help so I bought some hydrocortisone spray for cats which she promptly licked off. I dampen a washcloth with water and wipe her off hoping to give her some relief, but nothing has helped. The rest of her fur sheds quite a bit, too. She is strictly an indoor cat. I am so worried about her. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Cat hair loss can be caused by so many things. It is difficult to diagnose quickly. Take a look at my page about cat hair loss (use the search box) for some ideas as to some possible causes.

Cat hair loss under belly and back legs
by: Anonymous

My cat is doing the same. He is about 8 yrs old and I plan on taking him to the vet tomorrow. It has been this way for about a month and I thought he had just gotten into something (goes outside). He looks like he's part poodle, poor thing..Thank you so much for the info!

Cat hari loss under belly and back legs
by: Anonymous

I have a cat that is doing the same thing. It really does look like someone has shaved his back legs and lower belly?
Any idea what might be causing this?
he's a house cat but goes out once in awhile?

My cat had this same thing happen to him
by: Anonymous

Well I don’t know how to tell you this but they might have ring worm. Most of the worms will make them itch and they will over scratch the area. There are many other different things similar that can cause this. The only way I know how to take care of this is to take one of them to the vet and have them look at it. Don’t let them make you do a whole lot of test the ointment they use for it is also used for similar problems. Call around first and find a vet that will work with you and help you get extra med.s for the rest of your cats. Ring worn is usually found on cats because their immune system is low because of lack of sun light or bad food. Ring worm live in every inch of soil outside but you don’t get it because your immune system is high enough to fight the worms.
I tell you this because out of the eight cats I had living at my barn house only one of them got ring worm and the fur was disappearing do to over scratching. His immune system was low because he was a very highly depressed cat. He got sick every time I didn’t come home on time.

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