Cat hair thinning

by Multi Pet Owner SQinAZ

My oldest male cat appears to be going bald. He's probably about 8 or 9 now...who knows?

He was adopted about 4 years ago, and, being very resistant to change, had a hard time fitting in here. He is now very loving, and needy, but started going bald on his tail about a year ago, in a V shaped patch from his back down, and it has now gotten worse, and I have realized that his once thick and luscious fur has now become very thin overall.

I used to have to brush him every few days to keep up with the normal fur loss in his thick lush coat, but now, there isn't that much to brush. Poor baby. He really loved his regular brushings as loving time.

His past owners allowed him outdoors, but since I have had him, he has been an indoor-only cat. Being an indoor only cat for the last 4 years, fleas should not be an issue, right?

When this started, I thought stress was the problem, as he is now sharing a home with a herding-obsessed border collie. But...the balding cat and the border collie are getting along much better, and the balding has increased.

I changed the dry cat food to one with avocado, which promotes good skin health. That helped for a while, as the dandruff went away, but it's now back.

I just read that clay clumping litters could be causing this problem. I'm willing to change, and I know I need to get this guy to the vet, but damn...I know the vet is going to cost hundreds of dollars that I can't afford right now, and would prefer to try other things first, if anyone here has also experienced this problem.

This cat doesn't show any signs of discomfort or pain, but the hairloss bothers me, a lot.

Any input is appreciated!

Answer by Kate
Usually the loss of coat quality can be either a nutritional problem, a stress issue or a skin allergy. The problem is that without proper tests you will be shooting into the dark and it may cost ou money in the mean time, changing food, litters etc. Plus your cat if they do have a medical problem will only get worse and it may then cost more to treat. I know the vets is daughting but it's better to know what your dealing with in the short term and tackle it head on, rather than speculating and having to go to the vets anyway.
Anyway perhaps someone else has had this problem too and will be able to advise. Good Luck and best wishes.

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