Cat has a urinary infection which isn't getting better

by CC

If looks could kill. My cat Caney

If looks could kill. My cat Caney

My 15 year old female cat was diagnosed 11 days ago with a severe UTI. She has been on pain meds and antibiotics since then. She is using the litter box but is also having accidents in "her" spots - her bed, her pillow, etc. Usually one accident per day. I had hoped the accidents would get better as the antibiotics started to work, however that is not the case. The accidents usually happen after she has been laying/sleeping for a while. She seems to be upset when it happens. I am taking her back for a follow up appointment on Monday. I don't think that the antibiotics are working. Is it normal for a UTI to last this long? What is the next action if we find these antibiotics aren't working? I am very frustrated because since she was diagnosed she has had a visit to the ER Animal Clinic 4 days after diagnosis and a 2nd visit to her regular vet one week after diagnosis - all to figure out that her pain meds were too strong. I just want her to feel better. It is stressful just waiting. Should I demand a different course of treatment? Clearly this isn't working.

PS - She had bladder surgery 6 years ago for struvite crystals and has no problems since. She is on a special Urinary canned food as a precaution.

Yes this must be very distressing for you both.

What you need to do is to express your fears and worries and get the vet to explain what he thinks is going on and also what course of action can be taken now and in the future if this continues. This will allow you to at least know all the possibilities.

It could well be that she has a blockage or perhaps more crystals have formed. It is also possible that her bladder may have become weak and this causes the accidents.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you needs to, if your vet is any good at all he should take the time to explain everything. I always find that independent vets are better than vet groups as they are not driven by company factors.

It can take some time for problems like this to settle down. I had a cat who had urinary problems for quite some time. We solved it in the end by feeding her urinary tract dry food only which encouraged her to drink more and this cleared up her continual problems.

I hope she is better soon


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Cranberry or Apple Cider Vinegar
by: Deborah

Does anyone know if Cranberry Extract or Apple Cider Vinegar will irritate IBS or kitties who can't tolerate certain things or has anyone had a bad experience?? My friend wants to try it.
They are miraculous when my kitty can't pee and for inflammation. Thks.

Treat Urinary: Apple Cider Vinegar/Cranberry
by: Anonymous

My 10 yr old kitty began vomiting which turned into not being able to pee & a trip to the ER. Cats will die if they cannot pee. He was very ill. Desperate, I read many reviews of Apple Cider Vinegar & Cranberry Concentrate I added 1/8 capsule of Cranberry & 3 drops Organic apple cider vinegar in his small amount of canned food (can be increased). That day he was abit more active. By the next day, he started peeing. I will continue this regime until after he is back to normal (he had blood in his bladder, this treats inflammation). Natural builds their bodies, unlike drugs which often don't work. Stop dry food & put on moist diet to help prevent urinary issues.

Treat Naturally
by: Anonymous

Prevention is key, a natural diet with simple ingredients suitable for the body. Our vet does accupuncture, treats naturally first and uses drugs as last resort. With natural supplements, my previous cat who almost died of FIV as well as another with arthritis, urinary infections etc, remained healthy. There is a time and place for drugs, but they always have side affects which cause other problems.

Antibiotics are over prescribed, and often given when they are not meant for that situation. If drugs are required, strengthen the body along with it...naturally. Healthy food/supplements are actually less expensive than the veterinary brands! $ave money on vet bills and stress😉

by: Anonymous

Just curious what are the names of the herbal supplements you gave to your kitty? For urine and thyroid?

Works Better Than Antibiotic!
by: Debra

Our calico was peeing often & peeing blood from having UTI. The vet prescribed an antibiotic which we gave her, but it didn't even slow down the infection. So we got her another prescription of antibiotics which also did nothing for her.In fact, she wasn't eating very well as the pain must have lessened her appetite and she was losing weight and wasn't very active (she was only around 2 years old at the time).

I prefer to do things as natural as possible, so I looked up online what was recommended for UTI. Several things we're suggested, but knowing how sensitive cats are to so many things I wanted to be careful about doing anything (I studied before I chose!)!

I decided to try human supplement cranberry extract gel capsules. They were Spring Valley brand and they contain cranberry concentrate (looks like a dark red paste when squeezed out), 40 mg. vitamin C and 6 IU vitamin E. Other ingredients are gelatin, soybean oil, glycerin,<2% of soy lecithin & yellow beeswax.I bought a two pack and it was about $6 or $7 for 200 capsules.

I snipped the end off the capsule and squeezed the contents into a teaspoon of canned cat food and covered it with a little more canned cat food to conceal it. After Callie got used to the taste I didn't have to conceal it, just squeezed it onto her food.

I did that every day, one time a day for a year (you could probably do it once or twice a week for the rest of their lives to prevent reinfection and be safe). Anyway, after a few weeks I started noticing improvement in her symptoms, but I kept it up till I was sure. It worked great!!

To Kate...caneys mum
by: Anonymous

Hi Kate,
First time. Have been on ths site and not sure when you posted your question but thought I'd let you know what happened to my little Lucy who is 19.5 years.
Vet medications for over active thyroid and recurring cystitis were making her very ill, she was lying in a corner not interested in anything.
I found a site called and Ordered herbal medication for both her urine infections and thyroid problem.
There as been a dramatic improvement.
Lucy is as happy as I have ever seen her she's keeping her coat in great condition and has much more energy. She has even started going out in the garden again chasing everything in site.
I know she's an old girl and not going to last for ever but vets are not always the answer.
They are a business and I believe the do not always have the animals best interest at heart.
I now check symptoms online and go herbal for my girl and it has worked a treat.
Hope this helps.


Thanks Tricia for letting us know it's always good to find out what happens with our cats.
I like petwellbeing products too and that is why I have many products listed on the site from them.


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