cat has become more vocal

by debbie

My female cat has really changed since my bloke moved in with me, he really likes her-he feeds her, strokes and talks to her when she needs it, but has left her to do her own thing and come to him when she is ready. She has become very vocal, I think she's just talking to us and talk back to her but I'm bothered there might be something wrong and she's trying to tell me something. Oh yeah, I've not long moved also, but she seems to have settled really well. She's a very special, beautiful cat, very affectionate and very funny! Any advice would be greatly received x

Cats use vocal sounds to get our attention and to also call other cats. generally the attention is for play or food or just to be noticed. It may well be that your cat is still feeling a little uncertain of all the recent changes and so may be seeking extra reassurance from you.

However be warned this behavior can become a habit and if she knows that she gets attention every time she calls she will use this more and more and it could become a problem. So you need to hold back sometimes.

It may be a good idea to get your cat some new toys to keep her distracted from any anxiety she may have at this time. Cats need to be kept stimulated to keep them happy and so something new to play with etc may help her over come her anxieties at this time. perhaps a variety of different sorts of toys would be the best option. See this page for some suggestions

best wishes kate

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they do talk
by: Dale

Hello, I saw this info and had to say something.about my girl Kimmy....we had Kimmy since she was 6 months old, she had been abandoned on the side of a road in a paper bag..we took her in and right from the beginning, we always said to her everyday.."I love you" this went on for 12 yrs..all she did at night was walk around and yowl and chatter away to night we were waiting for her to start her nightly talking and all of a sudden out of her mouth, clear as day comes "I love You"..from that point on she said that everynight for hours just saying I love you...She passed when she was 15 yrs old...I miss her talking everynight.....they will surprise you one day with a clear as day message for you, fur shure Dale

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