Cat has consistently sore bottom

by K.

I took my 8-year-old spayed cat into the vet about 2 months ago for a sore bottom. Vet cleaned out her anal sacs, and sent her home. After getting her home, she started limping and hasn't stopped yet. Plus, my cat's bottom is still sore, and she licks it quite a bit. (Maybe the sore bottom is the cause of the limp?) Is there something from home that I can put on it to both heal the soreness and discourage so much licking? I'm trying to avoid another hefty vet bill.

Answer by Kate
Unfortunately it does rather sound like your cat still has a problem in that area which really does need to be looked at again. Sometimes when the anal glads become blocked it can happen a few times and possibly become infected which does need treatment by the vet only. i don't think just putting some soothing cream on the area will do much if there is an ongoing problem.

It sounds to me like she may need her glads expressed again by the vet and i wouldn't be surprised if also prescribed some antibiotics to prevent infection. I know this is going to cost money but unfortunately sometimes there just isn't a cheap option, especially when it comes to our pets health.

when you do visit the vet ask lots of questions about the likelihood of this happening again and whether or not there is something you can do to try and prevent it happening again. Sometimes some vets need pushing for answers.

Sorry i could not give you a cheaper solution to your poor cats sore problem.

best wishes Kate

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RE: Cat has consistently sore bottom
by: K.

Thanks. I will take her to another vet, because the problem never healed at all (even after the first visit). The vet had told us her anal sacs weren't blocked, but cleaned them out anyway. It's probably something else entirely. My kitty's comfort is worth the long trip and the bill. :)

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