cat has gooey stuff coming from butt

by ginger
(phx az)

this morning i woke up and my cat has sticky stuff all over his tail and on his back legs. i then noticed my cat had clear gooey stuff coming out of his butt. he has diarrea right now but i figured that was because i have him on amoxicillin for his respetory infection. i dont think the amoxi is whats causing it because he has been on it for almost a week now and this just started sometime last night or this morning. he ate and drank fine last night. he was happy and normal. this morning he is laying around you can kinda just tell he doesnt feel that good. i did just recently change his food to some generic stuff.however i took all food away for today and put only water out. ill watch to make sure he is drinking, he hasnt yet though. what might this be? do i need to get him to the vet asap?

It may be a reaction to the medicine as it has built up in his system or it could be the change of food which has caused the diarrhea.

As he is on medicine from your vet your best option is to telephone your vet for advice as there may other complications involved which only your vet will understand. He should be able to advise you about whether or not you need to take him back for further tests.

i must admit i'm not sure what the clear stuff could be. the bowel does contain mucus as a lubricant so it may just be an excess of this due to the diarrhea.

A quick call to your vets is your best option in case the medication is causing problems.

best wishes Kate

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