Cat has litter box issues

by Chris Swango

Best buddies

Best buddies

Our 12 year old Siamese cat has started using our shower as his litter box, urinating and defecating in the tub. We had changed the litter about two months before this started, but have since changed back. There are 2 litter boxes available. When shut out of the bathroom, with a litter box still available, he still won't use it, and will just pick somewhere else to do his business(the kitchen table or the basket of clean clothes downstairs). He is male. We also have a female(they have been house mates for 5 yrs) that likes to lie in the litter box for hours. They are both eating and drinking as normal, they have just developed these habits recently. We have not added any other pets or people to the house, not changed cleaning supplies or habits, or changed our routines except I have been working part time finally, after being unemployed for over a year, but this happens if we are home or not.

Answer by KAte
Sometimes even the tiniest change in routine can upset a cat enough for them to feel unsettled and a little anxious. This is when this sort of behavior occurs.
Please see this page for more on this

I think you may need to give your cat a period of litter training again using the confinement method this usually helps them to relax and also to get used to the litter box as well as breaking the habit of going elsewhere. See this page for more details

Also make sure the cat has new things to distract him after the training and while in the room, things which will distract him from any anxieties he may have. So some new and different toys may be a good idea.

best wishes Kate

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