cat has lump on back

by Rex

My cat Rex hasn't been acting the way he normally does. Usually when I pick him up and nobody is around he wont make a noise or dig his claws into me but for the last couple of days i've picked him up and he would start making little noises and would cling to me and every time I would go to put him down his grip would harden. Also, whenever i've sat him down somewhere he'll go walk off somewhere else but this time he just lays down. He's been eating and drinking from what I have been able to see. Today my dad found a bump on his spine and it's hard enough to the point where it could be part of his spine so I think my cat could be in pain. As of how he got it I don't know.

Would you happen to have any ideas of what's going on?

Answer by Kate
yes i agree, it does sound like your cat is in pain. His change in behavior and general reaction to being picked up etc, definitely suggests that he is in pain of discomfort.

there is only one way to to find out what is actually the problem and that is to take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. This is especially urgent as he appear to be in pain and suffering.

Hopefully it is something that can be sorted out, depending on what this lump is and whether or not it can be easily removed or sorted out.

just like humans cats can suffer injuries to their backs or in deed have growths too. and just like with humans some are easier to treat than others. however pain control can be easily administered and this is a priority.

i do hope it can be sorted easily. i would be very interested in knowing what the vet thinks it is.

best wishes Kate

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