Cat has seizure because of fear

by Peggy
(New Jersey)

My 16 year old cat, is very spoiled and timid. The last time I had her in a cat carrier, she was so scared, she had a seizure.

Some of her behavior has changed lately and I want to take
her to the vet, but I don't know how to get her there without
terrifying her.

Any suggestions?

Answer by Kate
there are some calming drugs that a vet can prescribe for you to give to your cat. perhaps if you cll them to see if they can let you have some.

As for the long term, i always suggest that the cat carrier is kept out and open with a blanket in the bottom at all time in the house so that the cat gets use to seeing it and is used to it's smell they can even use it to sleep in if they wish. this stops the carrier being a scary thing, so that when you do use it for the vets it is less of a traumatic experience.

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cat not eat
by: Anonymous

My cat is liek this also and last tiem I took her she didn;t jump out of case carrier liek usual, could hardly walk on legs or jump chair heigth and not eat , now she very sick not eat hardly and i can get no meds down her, afraid make her worse takign to vet help, she howls hungry when smells table chicken but eats liek 3 bites of it and other thigns and then stops, any help she is old about 16 and has thyroid and high blood pressure but will not take the thyroid meds and now she nt take any meds

Cats like to drive!
by: Anonymous

Carry her. Put her in the car with you. Cats hate Cages and moving vehicles. Set her on your lap at first and let her explore the car as moving. They do much better this way. Don't use drugs or a carrier, just carry her. Too easy.

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