Cat has small, beak-like mouth.

I've had Samba for 2months now. He's beautiful buff brown eyed sad faced but now i've started noticing his little beak like mouth. When he tries to meow no sound comes out or sorta like a whisper. He was very withdrawn, shy or at least described as such by foster rescue. They seemed anxious to bring him to my place right away, no time spent deciding if i were right for him or not. Anxious to get him a place. I don't know. Maybe if people noticed his strange beak mouth, sometimes a 'sinister' look on his 'beak' they wouldn't have chosen him.

I've come to think it's endearing but just wondered perhaps is it something to do with his breed.
I think he's a tabby mixed but perhaps has some Siamese type that makes his jaw, mouth go tiny like this.
Hope it's not going to lead to respiratory problems. He had a respiratory infection (they told me afterwards)a few months before. He eats fine. Good appetite mainly for liver which I, a vegan, do not like to have to make but if it's good for him .....
Just wondered. I have pix. thanx.

Answer by Kate
well I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this before and really don't think it has anything to do with his breed.

It looks to me like a birth defect. However saying all of that i think he looks cute and it makes him very unique.

As long as he is bale to eat and drink properly and doesn't seem to have any other health problems i wouldn't worry.

You may want to take him to a vets for a general check up though. It does sound very odd that the shelter seemed to want to get rid of him quickly. Hopefully he is fine but it may be a good idea to have him checked over and to ask the vet if he may have any future problems to look out for.

God bless you for having a big enough heart to love this funny little guy.

best wishes Kate

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