Cat has swollen eye and head

My cat has something sticking out of his head the other day. I had to look really closely to see it, but I always pet my cat and noticed it while petting. It almost felt like a clump of hair.. that was dried up from sticky stuff or something.

I kept trying to figure out what it was.. and he would meow and squirm. So my mom told me to just wait until it came out. Well, the next day her eye was swollen.. swollen shut. I went to check it..I checked it's dialation.. and the dialation was fine. He isn't sensitive to light. His pupil dialates at appropriate times and is fine at appropriate times. So I put some ice on it. Then examined it a little more..He didn't move to discomfort. It kind of looks like that side of the face is swollen but I wasn't sure if I was just being paranoid. Now, whatever was in hishead is out and their is puss comming out of it and the eye has gone down. I thnk the eye might have swelled up because it was fighting off the infection in the head but im not sure. We made an appointment to see a vet. But I wanted to know maybe what could possibly be wrong?

Answer by Kate
I well it sounds to me like he may have been stung or bitten by something which has then become infected and swollen up.

the other possibility is that the lump was a tick and this can also cause infections etc.

Visiting the vet is your best option.

best wishes Kate

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