cat has tongue hanging out and won't eat.

by Melanie

In the late after noon my cat started hanging her tongue out of her mouth. I thought she was just dehydrated or just panting so i gave her water. It has been all day and she still won't put her tongue in her mouth and she is breathing really weird. I tried forcing her water, milk, and chicken juice. I even gave her fresh cat crunchies and I didn't have canned food at the moment so i gave her canned chicken. She would not eat or drink anything. I even tried giving her a bath to see if she would be more relaxed or lick herself. She just had kittens a few days ago too and she won't even lay with them or feed them. What should i do?

You need to take your cat to see a vet as soon as you can.

it sounds to me like your cat may have a respiratory infection or may have been stung in the mouth or something similar.

the kittens will be very hungry and they need their mother at this early stage. you will have to step in and look after them while she is sick. Please see my page about this here

I hope the vet is able to help her quickly.

best wishes kate

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Oral issues
by: Anonymous

Calicivirus or any sores in the mouth will cause a cat to hang their tongue out, so will an upper respiratory infection. I would assume oral problems before congestive heart failure

My aunt's cat
by: Krystal

My aunt's cat is has been acting funny for two days. His tongue is slightly hanging out, not eating or drinking, not using bathroom and feels hot to the touch. He also is staying under her bed not wanting to come out. If you have any idea what's going on can you please let me know. Thanks in advance

Congestive Heart Failure?
by: Alma

My guess is this mother cat had congestive heart failure, judging from her constantly holding her tongue out (which indicates her struggle to get oxygen), & also, her unusual breathing. The original poster does not say but my guess is this cat died shortly after this message was posted. She probably already had heart problems that were made worse by the strain of delivering her kittens. Any time this combination of symptoms occurs--difficult breathing with tongue hanging out--it's time to drop everything & rush the cat to the vet.

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