Cat has two scabby things on nipples

by Theresa
(Cleveland, Oh)

I call him Fat Cat. :)

I call him Fat Cat. :)

I was looking at my cat and noticed that around his two upper nipples there are black scab like substances. They are not around the entire nipple just one side. All of the lower nipples are fine. What could this be or what could it possibly come from? Should I take him to the vet or see if it goes away?

Answer by Kate
well this is difficult to answer as I cannot see the marks.

if they are definitely scabs then it may be that he has had an irritation in this area and over groomed himself causing to break the skin.

Make sure he is treated for fleas on a monthly basis, this will eliminate fleas if this was the cause of his irritation.

If they are not scabs then your only option if you are worried about them is to have a vet take a look at them. Or you could wait to see if they change in size or shape etc. they may just be something unique to him like moles or warts etc.

Oh I have just had a thought, it may be worth checking they are not ticks. these can look like black blobs on the skin too. if you are unsure then the vet is the best option, he will be able to remove them with a special tool if they are ticks.

Sorry I could not be more definite but things like this could be caused by many different things.

hope all is well soon

best wishes Kate

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Black scabs
by: Anonymous

Mine has had black scabs on four of his nipples for about a year. I finally picked them off tonight, and they came off easily with something white that had been inside him. I have no clue what it is.

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