cat has weight loss, loose stool, drinks and pees a lot

by Iena Lambeth
(Carlisle, IN)

I have a 14 yr old male cat that has lost 1/2 his weight. He has matted fur in his middle area, eyes get crusty brown gook coming out of eyes and eyes appear to be cloudy. He is unable to hold his bowels most of the time, he has diarrhea that is almost water like. He drips most of the time after he deficates. He is eating ok and drinking, but I notice he has very large clumps in the little box from urine. My first thought is diabetes, but I cant afford the cost of finding out for sure and insulin either. Please help!

Answer from Kate
Hi Lena
I'm not sure what you are looking for as an answer as i think you know the answer already.

Without an examination from a vet it is impossible to diagnose your cats illness. there are many possibilities, from diabetes, to cat flu

The poor cat does sound in a bad way and must be in some distress and discomfort especially if his fur is also matted at this can be very painful too.
Sadly your cat needs to see a vet. Try to find out if there ae any charities or local animal centers that can help with the costs. I know that there is help out there for vet costs but you have to look for it in your local area.

I hope you can find him some help soon

best wishes kate

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Sick 13yr old male cat with same symptoms
by: Anonymous

Did u ever find out what your cat had we've been to three vets and no one knows still! I'm having the same symptoms with my cat! It's not diabetes...could be lymphoma but he has a really good apetite and seems like he still has a yearning to live! Please help soon if u read this....I feel time is running out to find the real problem.

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