Cat hate?

by Kevin

We have had a female cat in our family for about 5 years now and recently added a 5 month old male. We implemented the keep them separated for a week, put food bowls close but with a door in between. However, the male kitten is constantly chasing the older cat all around harassing her. Our older cat is hissing and screaming and pouncing (not hurting) at the other cat. She is now aggressive and mean with us. This has been going on Since October, and is now January. Can we do anything without getting rid of our kitten?

Answer by Kate
The behavior of the kitten is completely normal i.e they want to play. unfortunately your older cat does not and this is making her crabby. her reaction is natural too, as cats are not social animals (with other cats) as a norm.

Normally what happens is that over time the cats will sort out there place in the home and either get along or will give each other a wide berth. this may take some time as the kitten has a lot of growing up to do.

you talk about getting rid of the kitten. I take it you mean find another home for him. if this is the case the best option is to find a local animal shelter and ask them to take him so that they can find him a new home. Did you get him from a shelter, if so they should be prepared to take him back, after all they want the kitten to have a happy home and not one where there is problems with fitting in etc.

unfortunately a lot of the shelters are full and so you may have to hunt around to find one that will help. but this is the best option as the kitten will be assured of good care until a new home can be found.

i hope you find a solution for your situation soon, but do give it a little longer if you can. cats need time to adjust to new situations and as long as you are patient and calm as well this should help to reassure the cats too.

best wishes kate

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