Cat having to compete with raccoons for its food.

by Rumi's friend.

Hi Kate, we were adopted a few years ago by an abandoned neighborhood cat. He live's outside due to my husband's allergy to cats. Raccoons have recently showed up to feed on our cat's food in the evening. How can we protect his food from the raccoons(and other cats)? My husband think's we should feed him mid-afternoon to avoid unwelcome evening visits by raccoons. I'm concerned that a late in the day feeding (i.e., 4:00 pm) leave's too much time in between his next feed in the morning. Your thoughts. And how to get rid of the raccoons?????? And also we have a bully (very large tom cat) that live's next door who also like's to come into our yard and has been known to attack our cat who is definitely submissive to the big bully! Suggestions????

Answer from Kate
well living in the Uk as i do I don't have much experience of Raccoons. However we do have foxes which live in our urban areas and will do the same sort of thing.

I dont know how you feed your cat ie do you have set times for his feed and when you put the food down does he come and eat it straight away or not. If not then I am wondering if setting up set times so that he knows when to come for his food and eat it before the raccoons come and get it.

I agree with you your cat needs meals 3 times a day, morning afternoon and last thing at night before bed. Otherwise you run the risk of him trying to find food elsewhere, bins etc.

Unfortunately there is not a lot you can do to keep other animals off of left food. If your cat does not finish his meal then you should remove the food so as not to encourage the raccoons to come back.

As for the bully cat. Well I have the same problem myself. we have a stray tom cat who is nasty and attacks our two boys cats. we are now in the process of trying to catch this horrible cat so that we can have him neutered which will reduce his aggressiveness. But this is not easy or quick and requires us to try and gain his confidence etc so that we can get close enough to him.

Unfortunately if your bully cat is your neighbors pet there is not a lot you can do apart from suggesting to them that they have him neutered if he is not already.

best wishes kate

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