Cat Head Twitching

Cat head twitching question and answers.


by heather

my 12 to 13 year old male cat keeps twitching... it isn't his entire body its just his head which keeps jerking backward (towards his tail)... he has also been very aggressive the past five to seven days... there are always days that he can get mean but he is usually a loveable cat... his left eye also looks some what puffy and its closed while his right one is fully open... what do you think is wrong with him?


Hi this is difficult to answer without an examination, it could be a ear mite problem, they can be difficult to see and can cause inner ear infections, which causes the cat to shake thier heads vigourously. 

Check your cats ears first to see if there is any indication of infection and treat if necessary. However if there is no improvement or if you do not think ear mites are the problem then our only option is to take him to the vets for a check up. 

Comments for Cat head twitching

twitch 2 by: Anonymous 

My older (15yr) male cat began head shaking and arm twitching about 2 months ago. He is also very skitterish and hasn't been eating well and losing weight. Thought he had ear mites and treated for that. It didn't seem to help, so took him to the vet. The vet did thorough check and blood work. Everything came back ok other than slight elevation in one of the blood tests which the vet attributed to cat being dehydrated. He basically said he didn't know what was wrong with him and sent me home. I think he is getting alzhimers or something. Not sure if I should have him put down...I'd hate for him to suffer a slow death...will have to wait and see what happens I guess.

Cat head twitching by: Mary JO 

I am so sorry about your beloved pet. My 7 yr old statred with head twitching on Saturday and by Monday was already seen by a Neurologist, had blood work, X rays, and an MRI. So far everything is negative and the Neurologist thinks late onset seizures. She is on Phenobarb now. I so agree with your advice to see a vet ASAP. Again I am so sorry for your lose. Our pets are so special.

About head twitching in cats by: Sandra 

My cat was doing the exact same thing and is now in a velvet bag above my fireplace. I'm still not over that. Watching her head go back and not knowing who to call. (it was a weekend) 

I did take her in and after $900.00 in vet bills she is dead...... But ONLY because it was too late...... 

Please take your kitty to a Vet ASAP so you can make sure she is not suffering from seizures like Zoe was. I will probably need to get help if I cant keep those images from filling my brain. 
It was a horrible sight near the end. 

I wish you luck. And best to your baby. 

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