Cat hiding and not eating

by Donna
(Ottawa, ON Canada)

We moved almost 2 months ago, my 14 year old dog, my 9 month old kitten and Holli, a 5 year old ASH. Holli has been hiding and jumpy ever since, we can go a whole day with only sitings of her but that is how she has always been. She is originally a shelter cat who literally spent the first year and a half under the bed, coming out for food and to go to the litter-box and the occasional cuddle. Over the time we have been here, she has started to eat very little. Now the lack of appetite has been going on since we moved but it is at a point she just looks at what i being her and goes back into her hiding spot and this includes treats too. She has gone from a fairly overweight cat to skin and bones. I have started feeding her wet food but again it is hit and miss on whether she will eat it including her favourite real tuna.

I had called my vet in my old town and they initially said to give her time. She has always been a jumpy, scared of her own shadow cat but eating was never a problem. I have made an appointment with a vet I found near my new apartment but was hoping you had some ideas or thoughts on how to get her to start eating again. She does not appear to be lethargic and her fur and eyes look fine.

Answer by KAte
well lest hope there is not some underlying illness which has caused this lack of appetite. Once you have visited the vets you will be able to know whether this is behavioral or not.

As you know some cats are just more nervous than other and in extreme cases some cats need medication to help them relax.

I do have a page about anxious cats here

All you can do until you visit the vets is to offer your cat the smelliest food possible as this helps to stimulate a cats appetite try offering some on your finger too so that she can lick it off your finger. Also make sure the other animals are not around when you feed her as this may be making her more anxious too.

I hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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