Cat Howls After Eating

I have an 11 year old neutered male Flame Point Siamese cat who howls about 1 minute or so after eating. He continues howling for around 1 minute.

I feed him the best--i.e., chopped london broil, chopped chicken breast (both free range) with Missing Link and Spirilina on top plus sometimes finely chopped veggies or Wellness cans of cat food.

Do you have any idea what the problem might be? I would think maybe a hairball except that it's
winter. I'd be very grateful to know.

Answer by Kate
I'm not sure there is a problem. Siamese cats are very much more vocal than other cats anyway and it may just be his way of sowing affection towards you or a sense of happiness after eating.

My own cat who is not a Siamese by the way is also particularly vocal and will make vocal sounds at various times, non with very much meaning to us other than they seem to be habit to her now.

To be honest as long as he is eating well and is healthy in every other way i wouldn't worry to much. It is probably just habit or his own particular personality trait.

best wishes Kate

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My cat roars after she buries her food
by: Jac

Pogo our 12 year old mixed female thinks she's a lion. We hunt together in different rooms each day. But we never find prey, so we go in the kitchen where she has to settle for cat food. Then she scratches the tablecloth over her bowl and runs into the living room to loudly proclaim her rule. Then she climbs to the top of her cat tree, curls up into the ball of fluff that she really is and purrs herself to sleep. Often with my hand on her belly. She's always roared after treats or food.

My cat never shuts up!
by: Anonymous

My 3 year old female Sphynx Nephthys, is so vocal we have complete conversations together but in between I have this to deal with:
She shouts at her toys.
She shouts at her defrosted mice she loves.
She then eats the mouse and howls like a werewolf or something, at such a decibel I've been reported to the RSPCA for cruelty.
She looks out of the window and chats for ages.
She nags me to play and even jumps up me so she can moan in my face.
She brings me her toys to play with and as soon as I throw she runs off with them muttering obscenities.
She yells when she wants TV on TV off, food, water, litter changed, to go out in the garden, to come in again, when she doesn't want to go in the car, when I come home from work, when I go to work, when anyone leaves, when the shopping is delivered, when I'm cooking, when I'm showering, when I'm sleeping. The only time she's quiet is when she's watching me eat and she begs like a dog, when she's sleeping but she moans at you if you disturb her and when she is chewing her toenails, though the crunching and spitting out the bits should count really.
I love her so much.
She will groom me and lick me for ages with such a look of love. We are inseparable

Cat Howls After Eating
by: Lindanonymous

My six year old female cat often gives out a few loud howls after eating....yet she is very healthy and has not thrown up the food since she has had her food changed from the hard food to soft canned food....she loves her new food...but still howls out a few loud ones after each meal...I like to think it's a give me more sound...I can only hope she is a happy kitty!

Yowling at the water bowl
by: Anonymous

Our big 18 year old Siamese has developed the habit of standing over his water bowl and making a deep yowling sound for a minute before he takes a drink of water. He's as healthy as can be, and only does this at the water bowl. Well, he also does it sometimes when he thinks he's been left home alone, sometimes, but that's a little bit different sound. He seems fine. Just a quirk, we guess.

Howling after eating
by: Anonymous

Mine has started howling after eating.He has had acid reflex vet told me to give him 1/4 tablet 20 minutes before eating of plain Pepcid, no AC 10 mg.

Thank you and suggestions for healthy food
by: Diana

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I've
had Siamese all my life so am familiar with how
they talk--I love their talking. I used to have
one that connected all his comments into a
When my Flame Point crys after eating, it grows
in volume until he's howling at the top of his
lungs in a very urgent manner. By the time I
reach him, he's over it. I hesitate bringing him
to the vet because the last time I did when he
had the sniffles, they charged me $350. That was
without tests of any kind.
He only does this at night. I'm going to be
more observant of what he eats right before he
howls. I'd thought it was after everything he
eats at night but possibly it's just the beef. I will be more observant!
You may be right, however. He's gloriously healthy in every way.
By the way, try not to buy any food for your
cat in the Supermarket. Totally avoid anything with preservatives or by-products. Wellness, Wysong, Innova and a brand new all organic brand
is the best. Also, of course, fresh free range
meat as long as you add 1/4 veggies. Baby food
squash is something mine likes in lieu of veggies
and, if you ever have a cat who should be eating
and isn't, try Spirelina. The only problem is
that once they've had it, they won't eat anything
unless it's sprinkled on it.
Thanks again. Nigel thanks you, too. It's great to have cat lovers as friends!

by: Anonymous

I think she's right because I have a really pretty black and white female who has been fixed and she does the same thing to me or she'll sit in the hallway and talk to me. Sometimes she she will come up to me and just starts talking to me. When i'm gone for more then a day she really gets on my

Howling after eating
by: Mary

I personally own a Siamese who is most certanly "vocal".
Kuki "my vocal siamese" also does the howling thing. Sometimes he starts howling when he sees his good coming but also sometimes howls after eating just prior to a good grooming session and then a long cat nap.
I think the howling is something they do out of satisfaction or anticipation.
I agree with Kates advice.
As long as you watch your cat and make sure their not showing signs of illness or pain then I think all is probably fine.
of ocurse, asking your vet is always a good idea to make sure.
Us cat owners KNOW our animals.
I personally know if something isnt right with my cats.
I have a beautiful tortie cat named "Smores".
She is a mama's girl and always stuck to my lap or my pilow.
She isnt a big napper but last week I noticed one day she slept ALOT.
(a dedicated owner observation)
Sure enough....she had a tummy virus.
Just keep on doing what your doing and when in doubt, ask your vet. Your cat will live longer for it.

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