Cat Insurance
Protect Yourself Against Pet Health Care Costs! 

Without cat insurance, I wouldn't have enjoyed the company of my beloved cat 'Little Mo' for as many happy years as I did!

I have been meaning to write about pet insurance for some time now as I really feel so strongly about the subject. I wanted to pass on my experience to you about how I coped with the rising cost of pet health care.

Take a moment and think... What would you do if your own feline friend needed a life saving operation but you couldn't afford to pay for it?

That's not something any animal lover likes to think about but unfortunately I know it can be the harsh reality.

Cat insurance can give you the peace of mind of knowing that if your beautiful pet contracted a serious illness or had a terrible accident, you would be able to help them!

Vet bills can run into many thousands of dollars, so it's important for you to plan how you will deal with them. Insurance is a way to protect yourself from the risk of such huge bills through paying an affordable monthly fee.

Most pet health insurance companies, such as PetPlan offer a range of products with various levels of cover depending on your needs. The type of insurance you take out might depend upon things like your cat's age and medical history aswell as how much you can afford.

My Experience of Cat Insurance

When I first got Little Mo from the rescue shelter, I had no idea about her past life or if she had any underlining illnesses.

The animal shelter gave her a thorough checkover and said that she did not have any serious health issues (apart from her wonky front leg that didnt seem to bother her).

Both Matt and myself were working fulltime, but even then we didnt have much spare money. We were worried that if Little Mo needed any operations or expensive treatments in the future, we might struggle to pay for it.

The last thing I wanted was to be put in the situation where, for the sake of money, we would have to have her put to sleep. That was just unthinkable!

But I was very pleasantly surprised to find that pet health insurance was more affordable that I had imagined. For a few pounds a month, Little Mo was covered for up to £1500 of vet bills a month.

So I didnt have to think twice about getting cat insurance for her and we kept her covered for the following twelve years. And thank Goodness we did!

Our Little Cat Was Always Getting Sick

We soon discovered that little Mo wasn't as healthy as we all thought and over the next few years, she suffered from urinary problems, flea allergies, digestive problems as well as various cuts and scrapes (she was a fierce little thing when she wanted to be). 

We seemed to be constantly going to the vets and where treatment was above our £50 excess, we could use our pet insurance to cover the rest.

Some time later on, we were very glad indeed to have cat health insurance. As you may have noticed from pictures of Little Mo, she ended up with only one ear (but she still looked cute!).

A few years ago, a large lump appeared on Mos ear. The vet was unsure if the lump was cancerous, so blood tests and a biopsy were done. As you can imagine, the bill for this alone was well over £150.

Our Little Mouse

When the result returned, we were told that luckily it was not cancer. But the lump was still growing and it was clearly causing Little Mo distress as she kept scratching at it and making it bleed!

The vet felt that he could remove the lump safely so an operation was carried out and the bill came in at over £300. Thankfully, we were able to claim this on our pet insurance.

Then, five months later, the lump grew back bigger and nastier than before! This time the vet said that the only option was to remove the entire ear so that the lump could not come back. Another more expensive operation and medication followed and this time it was over £480.

What with all the extra trips to get stitches removed and have further checkups, the total treatment for this lump came to well over £1000! And you have to remember that this was several years ago now, so you can just imagine how much it might cost today!

Well, there was no way we would have been able to afford that by ourselves. What was really great was that our cat insurance policy paid out both times, as the operations were counted as part of the same problem.

I was even surprised at how easy it was to claim and at how quickly we were paid out. I just dread to think what we would have done if we did not have any pet health insurance!

Dont Regret The Day You Didnt Get Cat Insurance!

My final word to you is that what ever you decide to buy for your pet, I hope that cat health insurance is one of them. I know that if you are on a low income, it can seem to be just another monthly cost that you have to meet. But the alternative can be absolutely heartbreaking!

My sister didnt get any pet insurance and when her cat had to have some very expensive surgery (unfortunately he later died, poor thing) she was left with not only the terrible grief that she suffered, but also a massive bill to pay as well. So that was a double blow to her!

Obviously I can't recommend which insurance company you should choose as you need to find the right policy for your own circumstances. Take a good look at several companies such as 24PetWatch and compare their policies and terms and conditions so you can come to the right decision.

Pet Insurance

Paying an affordable monthly fee for a good insurance plan can save you from a huge bill and a lot of heartache later on!

I hope my story has helped you to consider taking out some form of cat insurance, for the benefit of both you and your beloved pet.

It is just left for me to say, May all our feline friends live long and happy lives.

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