Cat is acting strange

by Juliaa Lynn

well lately my cat has been hiding in weird spots in the house she has been eating as usual but not drinking as much; she barely did before; me an my mom are starting to get worried; my mom thinks its because maybe she has the smell of other cats on her? but norally my cat is extremely friendly and rolling on the floor just to pet her now she barely even comes near me. any idea wats wrong?

Answer by Kate
well it is very difficult to say what could be wrong in this instance as the symptoms are vague and could be attributed to many things.

My advice to people is to always take their cat to the vets for a checkup whenever their behavior changes dramatically like this to rule out a physical illness.

Often the only sign that something could be wrong is a change in behavior. Unless a physical illness can be ruled out it is impossible to deal with any other possible cause such as other cats in the area causing upset. etc.

If the behavior continues or if there are other odd symptoms then your best option is to have her checked by a vet.

If she gets a clean bill of health then you can start to investigate if there is something which could be causing your cat some upset.

Hope she is back to her old self again soon

best wishes Kate

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