Cat is confusing

by Joe
(Loveland, Ohio, USA)

I have a little bit of a problem with my cat. He hasent been fixed and hes not that old about 4-6 months i would say according to the previouse owner. He keeps leaving hes stool right in frount of the frount door of my apartment but he does #1 in the litterbox with no problems and on occasion he will do #2 in the litterbox. The previouse onwer said she didnt have any sort of problems out of the cat and they found him as a stray when he was still really small kitten. I also have another cat in the home and she is full grown an fully fixed. I have tried different cat litters thinking that it was because of that, no resaults. Tried a covered box, nothing. I have also used several different carpet cleaners to try to break him of wanting to go their all the time, still no resault. What could i do to get him to use the litterbox all the time and not just some of the time?

Answer by KAte
well it could be due to the fact that he is now moving into adult hood and cats will also use their feces as a territory marker. it is known as middening. it sounds to me like he is definitely making his mark on his new territory.

Of course once he is neutered this will help to reduce his need to be so territorial and so should also reduce his need to scent mark.

So i would book him in for neutering, clean the area he uses and also sprinkle bicarbonate of soda down for a few hours before hovering up. ( a great neutralizer).

then when he returns give him a few days of litter training using the confinement method, this helps to reduce anxieties and also confirms the use of the litter tray.

please see this page for more on this process

best wishes Kate

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