Cat is having the most strangest behavior lately for no apparent reason...

by Nikole

I have a 6 year old cat who has always been the most loving and sweetest cat. she is very friendly with every person that has been to my house, and there have not been any changes at all as far as new pets or new people coming over.. About 2 weeks ago I came home to find that she had urinated all over my bed (which she has never done).. and then I got a new futon and about 5 days later she urinated all over that. She has never gone to the bathroom anywhere in my house besides her litter box. I am wondering if she is having some type of health problem although she seems completely healthy. then this evening i came home and started to prepare dinner and found that there was cat poop in my kitchen sink in the disposal. I have never heard of a cat doing this and she has certainly never done it before in all the years that I have had her. I dont know what could be causing her to do these things and I hope it is nothing because I love her alot and hope that she is not sick. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer from Kate
well theres one thing for sure, there is definitely a reason for this behavior ie something has upset her enough to make her feel that she has to scent mark her territory. beds etc are a classic place for them to do this as it smells most strongly of you and this is comforting to them so they want to add their scent to yours.

When a cat uses feces also to scent mark you know that something has really upset her as this is a step up from the urination scent marking.

If you are sure that she is not sick ie there are no other changes then you can treat this as a behavioral issue and help your at by using the confinement method of litter training again which helps to clam the cat down and rebuild their confidence again. Please see this page for more on this

best wishes KAte

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by: Nikole

I just cannot understand why my cat would poop in the sink.. I have never heard of a cat doing this and in the 6-7 years I have had her she has never done this before EVER,, there shouldn't be any reason why she would be upset.. I also have a younger cat in the home and she is not fixed.. could it have been her that did this? some cats act very strange while in heat..

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