cat is meowing and panting at dawn

by erika


My cat is 5 years old and has just started meowing loudly around 5:30-6:00 a.m. I have also observed him panting along with the meowing during this time period. He appears to me to be scared about something because he will sit and stare down the hall, as if someone is in our home. We typically ignore it and he eventually stops, but starts up again a little bit once we do finally get out of bed later. I am concerned because this is a new thing for him. We did just move to a new home about 2 months ago, but he seemed to adjust fine to the move. He actually seems happier due to now having stairs that he loves to run up and down and high places to hide out in.


Well this time of the morning does seem to be the time cats like to get up and start to meow etc. I know my two do.

Also night time is the natural time for cats to hunt etc as they have better eyesight than we do and so find it easier to spot their prey in the dark.

I assume your cat is neutered and this is not normal caterwauling for a mate.

I am wondering if and I don’t want to alarm you if you may have mice or something under the floor and your cat is getting excited about this. It may also explain the breathing as if they get over excited this can cause them to pant. Or alternatively if he can hear something and is not used to it he may be fearful and again this would cause him to pant and call.

I don’t know what to say other than, if this is a new behaviour it may be worth getting him to see a vet just for a check-up to rule out any possible physical problems that may be going on. Once this can be eliminated then you will have to do some more investigating in your home in there is something which is causing your cat to respond like this.

I have two male cats and they spend most of the night prowling around the house and looking out of the window and calling sometimes too if they see something.

Best wishes Kate

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