Cat is not eating, is asleep or resting all day

by Will
(Derbyshire, UK)

My cat was taken to the vets with an itchy and irritated ear, once at the vets, the veterinary surgeon proceeded to check him over in a rather rougher than usual manner and caused the cat great stress and pain in checking his ear canal, long story short we were issued with drops to try and clear up the problem. However the morning after administering the drops we discovered the cat to be very very weak and uninterested in anything really. He hasn't eaten all day, just sits around on beds and under radiators, his breathing seems laboured, as a precaution I had him come sleep in my room over night (He usually sleeps in the kitchen as he is a very active cat) So far he has been sleeping on my bed. He just used the litter box, but on the way out had a little accident and his stool was very liquid and almost green in colour.

I'm really really worried about him because he is usually raring to go, full of life and a lovely character all together, please please please tell me he is going to be okay!

Answer by Kate
well this does sound rather odd as a ear infection would not necessarily cause these other symptoms i don't think.

If I were you I would telephone the vets and explain what has happened to see if they think he needs to be seen again. I wonder if he has picked something else up as well as the ear problem.

Sometimes what av vet does can look rather heavy handed and also is always likely to upset the cat as being examined can sometimes be painful and upsetting for the cat. unfortunately this is often un avoidable. However if you are at all concerned next time, express your concerns. At the end of the day YOU are the customer and they are providing a service which you pay for. You have the right to express any concerns you may have about the treatment etc.

I hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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