cat is not peeing in the litter box and i think its a urinary issue

by Lauren
(Windsor, ON, Canada)

I have two cats both two yeas of age, one male and one female. I noticed a month ago that one of the cats was peeing in my bath tub and on my back porch. I couldn't figure out which one it was until recently. PS both cats are indoors, but this summer they started going outside and they both have all of their shots and are spayed and neutered. I found the male hanging out in my bath tub and realized that he is the one urinating there. On a couple of occasions the urine was red as if blood was present. I've been making sure that he is drinking water. Their diet has not changed as they have always both have been on the same diet of cat food. He still eats normally. I did notice that his bottom lip was swollen, but it appears to be back to normal, but his peeing issue has not changed. Do you know what this may be? Anything will help, I am not sure if he needs to see the vet...


Answer by Kate
Although both male and female cats can suffer from urinary infections, male cats are more prone to them.
They are also more prone to blockages and this may be what is happening here with your male cat. he may have a partial blockage which is making it uncomfortable for him to urinate and would also account for the blood.

My advice would to definitely take him to see the vet. If there is a blockage the vet will need to do something about this.

Please see my page about this issue here

Hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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