Cat is peeing himself when i hold him

My cat recently is peeing himself sometimes when we are holding him he has only done this twice but it is new behavior and don't know what to think of it. there is another male cat that lives with us as well and they fight, the other cat is not nutered but the one that is peeing himself is and is afarid of the other cat and spends most his time in one bed room and eats in there too. only thing he goes out of the room for is to use the litter box, he is also at times to nervous to leave the room for the litter box and has made an attempt to go in the corner of the room, and has once. we put him in the hall to go use the litter box but he just runs back in the bed room and also have brought him to the litter box and at times will work but at other times he will just dart back to the bed room and snoop for a spot to go. what should we do and could this other cat be the cause of him peeing himself when we hold him?

p.s this other cat that is not nurtered has not always been living with us it is my moms boyfriends cat and just recently started living together with this cat but have had almost an entire year to get use to one another.

Answer from Kate
Well I do feel sorry for your cat. It must be terrible for him to be living in the same home as a un neutered tom and yes this would cause him some stress and anxiety.

As for peeing himself, well yes if he is so afraid that he loses control of his bladder then yes picking him up would trigger this as it means he loses control of the situation if he needs to run away quickly etc.

Also were the two cats introduced to each other properly to allow them to get used to each other? There is a process for this described here

However you would have to have the other cat neutered first for this to have any chance of allowing your cat to relax again in his own home.

best wishes Kate

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