Cat is probably pregnant

by joss
(london, ON)

I found out my 8 month old cat has mated with another cat living near my house. Im pretty sure she is pregnant but Im concerned because she is only 8 months old. Will she survive if she has the kittens since she is a kitten herself? I also have another problem which deals with my female cats private area. At first she has some thick white liquid coming out of her private area but it went away. Recently I have found blood spots on my bed where she sleeps. Im very scared for her. She started bleeding when she mated with the other cat, I thought she was just bleeding cause she had sex for the first time, but the bleeding hasnt gone away. Its not alot that I know of but she could be bleeding more then I have noticed. My work shedule doesnt allow to me to take my cat into the vet since the vet is closed by the time I get home. Should i take her to an emergancy vet? Im trying to make an appointment right away for her to get spayed since i fear she wont survive if she has kittens she is pretty small. I read that she could also have a urination track infection and that getting her spayed will help this problem as well.

thank you for your help
I feel horrible that my poor kitten has to go through all this!!
I appreciate your help.


Answer by KAte
hi sadly kittens do mature fairly young and so getting them spayed early enough is often a problem.

At 8 months she is young but is totally capable of having kittens sadly.

It sounds like your kitten may have an internal infection so yes i would definitely say getting her to the vets as soon as you can is a good idea (a normal appt should be fine).

The vet will be able to advise if it is still possible to spay her now and abort any possible pregnancy and also check to see if she is healthy etc.

Don't worry just book her a appt as soon as you can.

I have a pages here which you may find of further interest

best wishes Kate

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