cat is retching at night and not his usual self, is it his age?

by Jade

Just before christmas my now 12 year old happy,lively,loud and attention seeking cat had to have one of his back legs amputated. He started off ok and he was back to himself in no time. But recently he has changed he just sleeps all day and all night sits in the same spot on the front grass and even started to hide in a corner to sleep, he wont pay any attention to his toys and he moans for food but doesn't eat it all, then every night he does that thing like he is going to bring up a hairball or be sick for about 3 minutes then stops. Also his breathing has got soo loud and its like hes struggling for breath. Please help im worried about him

12 isn't that old for a cat now and so I am wondering if he does have some other underlying problem which may be making him feel unwell.

cat hairballs can make a cat do this, It can be uncomfortable for them for a few days until they bring it up and they may withdraw to be alone. The retching also is a indicator that he may have an hairball.


However due to the fact that your cat has recently had some major surgery it may be a good idea to have him checked over by the vet also. it may be that an infection has started in his chest and so, i think if i were you i would want to be safe rather than sorry and have him looked at by a vet.

Lets hope it is just a hairball and that he will be back to his old self soon.

best wishes kate

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Cat is retching at night and not his ususal self, is it his age?
by: Kari

Funny that you mention that your cat has three legs and he is retching and making loud noises when he breaths. hmmmm..I have a cat with three legs who retches and has noisy breathing! I can't figure out exactly what is wrong with him now, but he has had three legs since he was born. :( He was diagnosed with asthma. I also think he has either an infection or has polyps because his nose seems very stuffed up and it's affecting his swallowing and his throat. He makes high pitched noises when he purrs and can't meow anymore :( :( I love this boy! I wish you luck, but I would have your vet take chest xrays first to see that there is no fluid in his lungs. They can put him on oral steroids if he has asthma and this may help open his breathing airway. When it comes to respitory problems in cats it can be difficult. It can be trial or error. It's to the point with my fur baby that they keep suggesting a CT scan, but want 2k just to do that, which right now I cannot afford! I have read at times you will pull together the money and NOTHING will appear out of the ordinary on these. :( I'm sad, and I wish you the best of luck finding out what's wrong with your baby too....good luck!


Vet Time
by: Kevin Johnson

It sounds like an infection

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