Cat is throwing up all the time all over my house

by Amanda Carreon
(Syracuse NY)



My 5 year old tiger cat has been throwing up all over the place at least twice a day. I have changed her food-that doesnt seem to help. I do not notice any worms. She is not losing any weight at all. Her vomit is mostly hair with a tint of orang-red from her food. She is constantly licking herself. It is like her skin is dry since she keeps scratching and licking. I do not see any fleas. I have given her a flea bath. I almost wonder if it was the shampoo i used?? I dont recall her throwing up like this before i used it. PLease help me. My son and i would be heart broken if we have to get rid of her but i cannot have a cat that is throwing up all over the carpets in the house and our beds! Im desperate!

Answer by Kate
My advice would be don't give flea baths instead use the spot in flea treatment supplied by the vet every month and combine that with regular brushing at least twice a week by yourselves to remove any loose fur and grit this will reduce the amount your cat can ingest which could be causing her top get hairballs all the time. Also i would get her checked out now by the vet in case she has something stuck in her throat which is causing the sickness, you can get the flea treatment at the same time and also get the vet to take a look at the skin, she may have a skin condition which is causing her to groom more often and so cause hairballs.

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by: Anonymous

My cat has the same problem as well.. she used to only do it when I would leave for the weekend.. come home and suprise!Since we have moved into a bigger place she does it all the time even on the bed as well super gross.I finally took her to the vet and $300 later they told me oh everything looks ok. Are you kidding me? They said her thyroid and blood pressure were elevated but blamed it on the visit.Weird thing is I have researched the internet and found that When cats have high blood pressure it causes these same symptoms!Also diabeties does as well. So here I am still stuck with no solution to my problem. They recommended I give her half of a 10mg prilosec Ac pill everyday. I have yet to find 10mg. They come in 25 or higher. I am at the crossroads like you I don't know what to do.. get rid of her .. or keep scrubbing carpets and changing sheets..

comment by kate
find yourself another vet. This was doesn't sound helpful at all. Also you could contact one of the animal charities to see if they can be of any help , often they have vets attached to them and i find these vets to be lets say not so much for the buck.

I hope you can find a solution to your cats problem soon.

barfing cat
by: MaeLing's Mom

Our one Siamase cat does the same finally after all advices given we took her to the vet.... surprise! MaeLing has asma, so he put her on meds but it didn't work to well she continued barfing all over, yes her food mixed w/little bit of hair but she shows no hair loss and I use a malt oil past on her legs to lick off and rid her of swolled hairballs. She's now 18 years old and still going. live plants like grass, cat nip, mint helped MaeLine mostly. We keep a pot near her food and another by her play area on the floor.

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