cat jealosy

by Astran

i have been adopted by 2 cats, brother and sister. The sister is about 2 yrs old and moved in first. The brother is about 8 or 9 and although he used to visit us, only came indoors in passing. Their real home is not far from us and the family have about 6 or 7 cats but do not really want them now the

children have grown so they do not mind that these 2 spend time with us.

The younger cat Puddles mainly lives here but the older one Ziggy is keeping his options open.

Puddles although she shows she loves us is the more aloof of the two and although she rubs against us a few times a day likes to be left alone unless she comes to us. Ziggy although seeming scared of lots of things is the more loving of the two and likes nothing better than to be scratched and stroked. It seems as though he hasnt had much of this and he scares easily and shoots off if you go near him holding anything. in fact some times you only need to pick up and hes gone. He got run over and was badly injured some time ago and lost his position as top cat while he was kept away from all the others to recover and now seems as though he is frightened hes going to be left out here as well.

They have separate food dishes and are given everything equally but sometimes he tries to take puddles food from under her nose as well. Puddles originally slept on our bed and then when ziggy decided to sleep over he commandeered the bed and she moved to the couch. Then ziggy decided to sleep on the chair. This was fine for a couple of months and then Ziggy started moving closer to puddles,. Then about a week ago he decided he was
sleeping in her place on the couch and wouldn't go near the chair so Puddles moved back into the bedroom. This morning when i woke up ziggy was in puddles place on the bed so now she is back in the lounge but ziggy is still keeping the place on the couch. Puddles has been here 8 months now and Ziggy since just before Christmas. They come in and out by a window that is kept open at all times so they are free to go as the please but have both started sitting on the windowsill and stopping the other from going in or out as the case mat be. They are as bad as each other for this. Most of the time they accept each other but occasionally we have hisses and growls and then sometimes they go for each other but never really viciously. What is the best way to handle them beacause it seems as though Ziggy is all the time trying to push Puddles out. The bring us 'Presents' home everyday practically but do not eat them so they are getting enough to eat.

What you have described is completely normal cat behavior. It is not cat jealousy as this is not an emotion cats have, instead it is all to do with territory and being top cat.

I assume both cats are spayed /neutered as if not this will increase the need to stake their claim on the home.

I have two male cats who are brothers and both neutered. one cats is definitely the top cat and is always trying to take the other cats places its just like musical chairs.

I really wouldn't worry, the cats will sort these things out for themselves. But as i say if they are not neutered then i would recommned that you have both of them done soon. this make for a more harmonious household.


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by: astran

Thanks for your answer. Yes they have both been 'done'. I am just scared that the older one will push puddles out perminantly and she won't come back. Even after this short time we worry about them and can't sleep if Puds stay out all night because we know she no longer goes any where else. How can something so small cause such strong feelings. I think I am a lost cause.

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