Cat keeps getting ill could it be due to stress

by Sharon Mac

My lovely cat is 12years old, in the last year he has been rather poorly, having some kidney problems which he was given some medication for and for a while became much better, but recently he has been suffering with bad breath and cold symptoms runny nose sneezing and slightly wheezy, because off this it has made him quite sad, I have recently moved and I do feel that this has affected him, I have also had a new partner move in and although he is very good with him, I know this has also affected him, as for many years it was just me and my two cats, both my cats are indoor cats but have access to a large balcony. My older cat doesn’t really go onto the balcony but Floyd (poorly one) likes sitting outside on the decking, could this have had an impact on him becoming ill, I don’t allow him out there in the cold our late into the night. When he had a cold last time it lasted for approx ten days and then he appeared much better but then a month later he has the cold again, sneezing and what appears to be slightly chesty with the bad breath, I have had to give him a wash, not bathing but wet flannel as his fur was smelly and messy.

Any advice would be gratefully received will be taking him to the vets in the week if he doesn’t get any better, but I don’t want to stress him out, and he does get stressed when he goes to the vets.

Many Thanks

Sharon & Floyd

Firstly I suspect that your cat may have some dental problems which are causing the bad breath and subsequent smelly saliva. At 12 years old this would not be unusual and if he hasn’t seen a vet for awhile then he should get his teeth checked soon.

I think the other symptoms are separate from the breath issue. Either your cat keeps picking up colds or perhaps your cat suffers from an allergy which brings on cold like systems such as blocked noses etc.
Yes the recent changes may have made him slightly depressed and when you are down your immune system can become weakened and that may be why your cat keeps picking up colds etc.
I know you say that your cat gets stressed at the vets but as they get older they do need to have regular check up to keep them healthy and also to spot the first signs of any age related illnesses. In the long run the vet trip is less stressful than long term illness.

Hope your cat recovers soon

Best wishes Kate

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