cat keeps pooping at my back door

by terri

My cat has started pooping at my back door. It looks awlful not to mention stinks really bad. How can I stop him from doing this. You can even walk in or out with out stepping on the poop. Help is there anything I can spray on the ground to step this

Answer by Kate
He is obviously scent marking his territory which means that he must feel that other cats in the area are threatening his patch.

you could try a solution of water and lemon juice or some other strong smelling citrus solution as cats don't like this smell much. You need to throughly clean the area as any minute speck left will encourage our cat to go there again. See this page for cleaning details

You may also want to help your cat relax and calm down for a few days to try and stop the cycle. There is a technique for this described at the bottom of this page

best wishes KAte

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