Cat keeps scratching under chin

Lately my inside cat keeps scratching under his chin. He is doing it often. I thought i might have tracked a flea in so i put flea medicine on him but it didn't help. I can feel a little bump under his chin when i search and he likes when i scratch it. Other than that he still acts normal, same diet, still purs, just itches like crazy. Any suggestions?

Answer By Kate
Hi well it could be a skin allergy of some sort or perhaps a small bite. the trouble is that it really needs to be looked at by a vet for a proper diagnosis.

It really depends on how long he has the itch for. If it is for a couple of days and if he does not appear ro be il in any other way, then I would wait to see if the itch subsides and goes away. he may have had fleas and been biten and it will take a while for the effects of this to wear off.

If it is a long term problem then I would take him to the vets for a closer examination of the area.

Best wishes and I hope the problem is sorted out soon


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Cat scratching chin
by: Anonymous

Hi my vet mentioned plastic food bowls can be the problem and ceramic seemed to help.

Comment from site owner.
Yes this could be the case, please my page here

Help for Chin Scratching
by: Bea

Hello! For anyone looking for a possible solution to the chin scratching problem -- My poor kitty started doing this to the point where his chin actually bled. I got rid of it by coating his chin with Zymox Otic-HC (the RED bottle). It's really for itching ears, but I had had such success with it in the past, I thought I'd order some and give it a try. I put the bottle in a cup of warm water to bring it to room temperature than applied it with a Q-tip. It cost about $20 for a small bottle, but you only need a very little bit. It seemed to ease the itching/scratching almost immediately and within a week he stopped completely. Good luck to you and your kitty.

Reply from site owner
I cannot recommend this as a solution as it was not prescribed by a vet. if it were me I would run the idea past my vet first.

chin scratching
by: Anonymous

try freezing the dry food before you feed it to the cat - mine was allergic to storage mite bites. so i freeze about a weeks worth a food for a few days and then fill the bowl with the food after it has sat out to thaw.

Cat Scratching Under Chin
by: Belinda

My 7 year old cat was also scratching under his chin. I apply Revolution once/monthly for flees, ticks, & heartworms. It works beautifully! However, I called my Vet and reported his scratching under his chin and she suggested that if I was feeding him out of plastic bowls that he may have an allergy to plastic. I WAS out of plastic bowls!!! So, I immediately switched to stainless steel and he stopped scratching that same day! Hopes this information helps someone else's cat. It certainly did mine! :)

by: Anonymous

My cat has also been scratching under his chin a lot. I have already been to the vet with him. The vet gave him an allergy shot and told me to use Advantage drops. He is still scratching under his chin. Should I call the vet again?

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