Cat leaves poop around the house why?

by Mary
(New Jersey)

I have a calico cat that leaves a little poop everywhere around the house. This is the first cat I have ever had that doesn't know how to wipe her own butt. It's very frustrating to have to pick up poop every time I turn around.

Are you sure she is accidentally leaving poop after the litter tray or is she deliberate pooping around the house.

i ask because there is something called middening which is a deliberate act by the cat. Please read this page for more on this issue here

If it is due to the fact that she is not able to clean herself properly after the loo there could be two causes. One she is unable to completely pass her stool and this could be due to difficulties due to constipation

or she is unable to reach properly and clean herself, this could be due to being over weight or joint and mobility issues.

I hope that i have given you a few possible options which you will be able to judge may be the most likely cause.

best wishes kate

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My cat leaving poop in house
by: Jean

Hi, my cat is leaving poop everywhere in the house. She has never done this before. I don't think she even knows they are slipping out. My vet told me to apply Quadritop twice daily to her butt. After doing this for a week she has been poop free for 6 days now. I hope this is not just a coincidence and she is cured. You can only get this through your vet. Give it a try.

Coon pooping SMALL balls of poop
by: Anonymous

Rescue cat, small for a coon. That said, she is healthy, not losing weight, but eating quite regularly....dry and moist. I don't understand the small poops and think she is not able to excgrete completely. What should be done?

My cat does the same thing
by: Anonymous

I have a tabby that leaves little poops everywhere, but I think that they are just dingleberries that don’t fall off until later. He’s overweight so he can’t clean his own butt.

My calico does this too
by: Anonymous

My calico Marigold, leaves little poop balls away from her litter box. She also uses the box. She cleans her butt and out pops a poop ball. I believe the info about calico having problems. She sees a cat cross our yard and urine marks the house. She is on meds for this. She is a rescue and I love her but if I had known...

My Cottonball has the same problem
by: Anonymous

My cat Cottonball started doing the same thing about three years ago. He is around eleven years old. I think that his problem is an issue with his sphincter muscle.

by: Anonymous

I would buy that. I have three cats. The two calicoes are very verbal and demanding. One has been leaving one small poop near the litter box almost daily. I'm at a loss as to what to do. My husband yells at her and I know that's only making it worse.

most don't know this but...
by: Anonymous

Calicos have issues, especially behavioral. A vet with a degree in molecular biology told me they have genetic abnormalities and almost always have abnormal behavior of some kind. Anecdotally, the 3 I have known, all had major issues.

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