Cat left out of yard today!

Hi, I have a pure bred flame point siamese. He is declawed and nutered.I have a fenced in yard but of course he always jumps the fence. He usually comes back that same day. He left this morning and has not come back starting to get worried because it is getting evening. I have looked and called him all day. I have tried so hard with keeping him indoors and he wants to go out with the other cats.

Sometimes he will slip out while i have door open. The other cats pretty much stay in yard, but if they do go over fence they just hang out close and always come back. He seems to not be happy if he can not go out so I try to make him happy.

Do u think he will come back??? Worried because he is declawed!! I will accept any advice you have,or any ideas.
Thank you,

Comment by Kate

This is one of the reasons I am against declawing, but I won't get into that now.

I have had cats my whole life and I have always let them out because I belive that is where they are the most happiest as they are basicaly wild animals at heart and have all the wild instincts, to hunt, play, chase, hide climb etc etc. So i am not surprised that your cat has always wanted to get outside.

So the fact that he has decided to go a little further to explore is completely natural. I wouldn't worry too much at this stage he is probably just having a great time discovering new places and smells. i would be very surprised if he wandered too far though and he may even be home again by the time you read this.

if he has not returned the next day you can start to do a little more to try and find him. Sometimes they get locked in sheds etc (mine did recently), so you can start to ask neighbours to check their out building etc.

You can also put signs up etc. i have a web page about the various things you can do to try and find a lost cat here

Try not to worry too much, cats are very smart and have a good sense of direction. I'm sure he will find his way home again soon. My sisters cat went missing for two weeks in an area he did not know and then one day just turned up at the back door. we were all amazed.

best wishes Kate

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Missing Puss
by: Stacy Lee

Hi, sorry to hear you cat's missing, just an idea...Tom my cat of nearly 8 years went missing in the same way (over the fence) after living in our new house for 6 months...after 2,000 fliers dropped into home mail boxes & numerouse lost signs plastered all over the neighbourhood, i heard nothing for 3 months...I thought he was gone for good. I got a phone call from my old neighbour saying that Tom was at there house... Tom had walked 22k's to get back to the old farm house where we used to live, so if you have moved house i might be an idea to look there or even put lost signs up in that area...Good Luck, i wish you the best & hope you find your cat, i know how upsetting it is to loose a family member.. Never give up looking...

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