cat lethargic and had difficulty breathing.

by Angela

My cat was very lethargic. We took him to a vet that put a pack under his skin so that he would not dehydrate. We took the cat back home. Two days later we returned to the vet due to the cat was still not eating or drinking, still lethargic. The vet

would not treat the cat further due to the bill from the previous bill was not satisfied and they informed me that they only gave
an allotment of $200.00 to customers that could not pay their bills at the time of service. The first bill incurred has
financial arrangements to be paid on said date. But because that bill was not yet paid, they refused further treatment. My cat
got steadily worse in his condition. The last visit to the vet
was on Tuesday. On Thursday morning we took him to another vet.
He arrived at this vet's office breathing very fast, showing no
signs of life at all. Because we could not pay for the services to have them to run tests and evaluations, they told us that we could sign our cat over to them. We left the cat there with them
as he was showing no signs of life at all except for his
labored breathing. My question to you is, can a cat come back
from this state to have a good quality of life?

Answer by Kate
Firstly let me say that you did the right thing in trying to get your cat treatment even though you were unable to pay for it. That was the kindest thing to do.

As for your question, I cannot answer that. I am not a vet and have no idea what the problem is. All I know is that if it could be cured then I'm sure the vet would do there best.

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Possible Answer
by: Anonymous

FIP - it's a highly contagious virus that causes lethargy and breathing difficulties. It can cause a fever but not always. The chest cavity and the lungs fill with fluid, sometimes symptoms seem sudden but builds over time. It's almost always fatal. The vets should have been able to catch it. Additionally, FIP requires long-term treatment and the location with the fluid can easily fill back up pretty quickly. Death almost always occurs if not properly diagnosed and is easily diagnosed with an X-Ray. It is a very serious illness. If it was not caught by the vet, then that vet was rushing. Cats are good at hiding symptoms and don't always show obvious ones until it is too late or almost too late. This is why you watch your cat carefully as possible when you interact with them.

Going through the same thing :(
by: Anonymous

My 10-month old Himalayan rag doll kitten is going through the same thing.... Over $700, and 3 different vets, and still no diagnosis. He has had tests run, everything has come back fine on paper, but he has had a fever for 2 weeks. He is unbalanced, lethargic, laboured breathing, and urinating where ever he is laying. Until we find what is causing it, more vet appts are sure to come. I just want my baby to feel better :(

Same problem
by: Betsy

I don't know how old this post is, but my cat had the same problem. However, on the 4th day when it wasn't getting any better, we rushed him to the emergency hospital. He passed away in the car. This happened today. Today is Sunday and we only found 1 place open given it's a holiday weekend. We've buried him under his favorite tree. Since he never made it to the hospital, we never found out what was wrong. Did you get a diagnosis??? This was SO sudden and killed him so quickly :(

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