Cat lethargy

by Jackie Landes
(Michigan City, IN)



My 4yr old male neutered cat "muffles" has been very lethargic for the past 4-5 days. He is still eating and drinking normally, he is also using his cat box as per usual. He has been walking very slowly as if it hurts him slightly to move, he also hasn't been jumping on or over things unless he absolutely has to. And I don't know if this makes a difference or not but he hasn't really been stretching when he wakes up and he also hasn't been purring at all over these few days. I haven't changed his food or litter or anything like that recently so I just dont know what is wrong with him. Im almost thinking he may have slipped and fallen down the basement stairs (his cat box is in the basement) or gotten hurt playing with his sister but he doesnt act like any part of him hurts when I check him over for sore spots, bruises or open wounds. I am really worried about him because he hasn't been himself and Im afraid it may be something serious, please help!

Answer by Kate
He may have an infection which has made him feel a little stiff. Make sure he gets plenty to drink to help keep him hydrated.

If he is still the same after Christmas, I would definitely take him to the vets.

Hopefully if it is a slight infection (similar to to when you get the aches when you get a cold etc, it should pass within a week or so.

Best wishes Kate

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Thank You
by: Jackie

Thank you so much for your prompt response, Im sorry in not being as quick in my response but with the holidays getting over and everything Im sure you understand. I think you were right because a few days after your response my Muff man was back acting like his normal self again! Im so happy that there is a website out there like this so people can utilize it! Thank you again for your help!

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