Cat licks his fur a lot

by Lee Wilmart
(Fremont, Nrbraska)



I have ab Angora Tom Cat. He runs around then stops and lickes his hair in different spots and als appears to try and pull some hair out. It appears to me that he has allergies that bither him the more the weather warms up from winter to spring and in the summer months it is a constant thing. Is there some type of medication I can get for him? My Vet is in quite a quandry over this problem.

Answer by Kate
Allergies can be a problem for some cats, our own cat little mo has a few, mainly to do with certain types of food and insect bites like the odd flea that she may pick up from outside.

I have a web page here about cat allergies which you may find helpful. there is also a product advertised there to help with allergies. I have not tried it myself but I advertise this companies products as I feel that they are good quality and backed up with professional advice and receive many positive feedback from there customers.

best wishes KAte

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Cat licking himself raw

by Alex

My cat who is around 15 had a tumor on his belly and we got it taken care of at the vet but he continues to lick it and its starting to bleed and become infected, i put a colar on him but it doesnt seem to be helping

Answer by kate
Ah tricky one this, he must stop licking the area as you know to allow it to hear but it is obviously either causing him some pain or irritation for him to lick it.

I would contact the vet again to see if he may need something which can stop the itch or pain. the vet pay also recommend a bigger collar so that he can't physically get to the area.

Hope the poor chap gets better soon

best wishes Kate

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by Steph
(New York)

my cat stopped licking her butt and now I have to clean it. (which I dont want to do) How can I make her clean it again?

Answer by Kate
it depends why she has stopped cleaning herself. If she is over weight and finds it difficult to clean herself there then your only option to clean her until she losses some weight.

The other reason why she has stopped cleaning herself is if she is feeling unwell or very unhappy. A cat thats stops looking after itself will have some reason for it. In which case if you think it could be because she is unwell or unhappy then a check up at the vets will be the best option.

I hope things sort themselves out soon for you both.

best wishes Kate

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Licking himself ALL the time!

by Donna
(Asheville, NC)

My cat is 1 1/2 years old and I swear he is licking his butt ALL the time. It's almost like everytime I look at him that's what he is doing. I haven't noticed any worms. He did have a problem with worms whenever we got him as a kitten, but hasn't since. When he had them before we could see them on the bed where he would lay. Now it's just the licking! I haven't noticed any fleas either. I did look where he always lays on my daughters bed and saw some black stuff that looks like little pieces of dirt or sand or something. During the last week he has started throwing up too. Today he threw up 4 times. It's like it is undigested food or something. I don't know what to do. I am 8 months pregnant and am starting to freak out about him. Please help! Thanks, Little Foot's family

Answer by Kate
the little black specks you see could be flea dirts, so i would make sure you are giving him his monthly flea treatment. He may also be allergic to flea bites which will make him itch and could possible be the cause of the licking.

Take him to the vets as soon as possible to get him checked out if he has got fleas the vet may be able to give you something to get rid of them now and also an injection to stop the itching if needed. He will also be able to check for any other possible causes of the licking.
I don't like the sound of the throwing up so a vet checkup is probably the best thing to do soon.

Best wishes Kate

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by Nicole Bowens
(Cedar Springs, MI, USA)

My cat is about 8 years old now,
and has been living in the same
place for his entire life.
He just started licking a few
parts of his body many times of the day.
My family and I started to notice
that he is taking the fur off of
his body. He now has random
parts of fur gone, and is almost
starting to make it bleed.
Please tell me what is wrong
with him. We all love him dearly.

-Nicole Bowens

Hi Please read my page here about this problem here as you will see there are several possible causes and you should get them checked by a vet to rule out any physical problems such as allergies or parasites.

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Cat licking your eye?

by Mary

Seriously my kitten who is about five months old? Tries to lick at my eye, almost like sucking? It's really weird and every time I stop it and move it away from my eyes. It goes right back to my eyes. It's almost like a sucking sound, and it's worrying my mother... Like there's something wrong with the cat.

Answer by Kate
It is very importnant that you don't let the kitten lick your eye as a cats seliva contains some very nasty bacteria.

I would say that you need to keep on removing the kitten every time they try to get to your eye. Do it quietly and quickly and move a way straight away, this way the kitten will learn that this is not a good thing to do.

I'm sure they will grow out of this baby behavior.

best wishes Kate

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