cat licks bar soap

by sue

why would a cat lick bar soap ... it's a pure & natural soap bar

Answer by Kate
well this is an odd one. All i can assume is that there is either something in the soap which is attracting the cat, they can be attracted to the oddest things thats why you have to be careful with things like antifreeze left in the garage as they will happily drink this and unfortunately kill themselves in the process.

or which is the more likely scenarios is that your cat has what is known as "pica" this is a strange eating disorder where they try to eat non food stuffs. there is no cur for it you just have to remove things out of their reach when they try to eat them etc.

it really isn't a good idea for your cat to lick the soap, it won't kill her but could make her unwell.

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Clarifying and Thank you
by: Anonymous

I removed the soap as soon as I saw her starting to lick it. I was just wondering if any one else had this cat experience and what it might mean for her. Thanks to all who responded.

May be a sign of underlying disease?
by: Anonymous

My 12 yr. old female long-hair car likes certain kinds of bar soap- recently she likes to lick the oatmeal soap I have next to my sink. The reason I think it might be related to a health condition is that she is now at the vets being tested for lymphoma or another type of cancer....may be some correlation? I don't know.

by: Kp

It's the same with mine. He's 13 and started licking soap about the same time as he started drinking toilet water. It hasn't hurt him but if I do catch him I stop it as I'm conscious that it could make him sick if he did it to much.

However the only time he does it is when I'm in the bathroom so I can keep an eye on him. It's certainly a new meaning to the phrase "I'll wash your mouth out with soap and water" xxx

Cats licking soap
by: Kpnut

Cats like licking soap as they are attracted to the animal byproducts that most soaps are made with.

Just because your cat licks/eats/chews soap does not mean they have pica. Pica is a type of OCD that cats have for which there is no cure but it can be managed if you are willing to put the time in. Cats with Pica will chew anything and everything. Pretty much anything they can get their teeth around. If your cat is not chewing your home to pieces then I would say it's the ingredient of the soap that is causing your putty tat to lick it.

It would be best to get one of those soap holders with a lid so you can keep it out of tongues reach. I hope this helps.

cat licking soap
by: catz3330

i have a 10yr. old cat male he has licked soap for as long as i have had him, i have had him since he was 2 weeks old , of corse he started lickin soap bars soon after he started walkin, it has not made him sick

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