Cat likes to sleep with his face right on my face

by Claire
(Sydney, Australia)


My adorable cat whom I have had the joy of living with for 4 years has acquired a new habit.

He is about 9yrs old now and was a rescue. He likes to sleep on my pillow in a really human way, that kind of freaks me out a bit.

He will lie across the pillow next to me with his front paws under his chin and then position his head pretty much so our noses are touching and purr himself to sleep. It's very endearing but I'm curious as to why the sudden increased levels of affection. My boy has always been a nicely affectionate but otherwise independant cat, now he is super cuddly. The only recent change I have made has been to buy an automatic cat feeder so that both my cats are fed at regular mealtimes even if I am not home.

Trivial question but I'm curious nonetheless. I find it amusing that he would appreciate a meal vending machine that much...Lol!

Answer by Kate
Hi, how cute but I'm not sure I could sleep with fishy breath in my face :)

As cats get older it is not unusual for them to become more affectionate and so it could simply be that. My own cat is now 15 and over the years she has had all sorts of new behaviours sometimes odd ones too.

you never know something may have happened which has made your cat feel a little insecure and feels happier to be so close to you for some comfort. Sometimes something as simple as a new smell, a new item or even a loud noise can make a cat feel unsettled.

Best wishes and sweet dreams


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