Cat likes to suckle on my husband's neck.

by Donna Black
(Alvin, Texas)

Hello! Thanks for your service, it is invaluable to folks like us who just know the basics about our babies and want to learn more. Here is our dilemma....

Stella is almost a year old now. She's a tiny little dainty thing, gold tabby, looks like a dainty Morris. Anyway, my husband rescued her from scalding hot pavement when she was way too little to be away from her mommy. We fed her by bottle and medicine dropper for a couple of weeks until she could get enough nourishment on her own. She has since developed a habit of suckling on my husband's neck. She wants to do this especially when she's tired and ready to go to sleep. She just adores doing it and no other neck will do. If he's not home from work when the desire hits her she will look longingly at me, but pass me up and wait for him patiently. He is so sweet, he lets her do it and it's almost as if he enjoys it as much as she does. She will just purr to her little hearts content, pseudo nurse and then jump down, bathe herself and nod off to sleep.

Bottom line...should we be concerned about this behavior or just let her keep on doing it? She seems to enjoy it so much and Robert likes her bonding time with him. LOL

Thanks much!

Donna Black

Answer by Kate
No I wouldn't worry about this at all. We have a cat who does a similar thing and it is basically just like the kneading action they make when they are happy and want to settle down to sleep.

Although no one knows for sure it is believed to be associated with nestling at their mums tummy etc. And as your husband is her surrogate mum she feels happiest to do it to him.

there is no harm in it at all, it is just her little comforter. Its lucky your husbands doesn't mind it :)

best wishes Kate

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