cat litterbox problems

by Kittie
(oceanside, ca)

i have read all the information you have but i still have a question. my cat has stopped using the litterbox to urinate in, but he still continues to deficate in it. I dont see any signs of him being sick, as he has continued to eat, sleep, play and be a normal cat. He purrs on a regular basis when i'm spending time with him, and in general seems happy. I recently changed his litter, but when he started urinating outside i changed it back to what i was originally using. when he urinates he mostly does it on top of my bed, and next to me while i'm sleeping. a few times he has even urinated on top of me while i was in bed. i believe it could be stress, but there has been no changed is the household, no new people or pets or furniture...i'm just not sure what to do and i'm running out of options

Answer by Kate
Hi firstly does the urine smell very strong. if so he may have a urinary problem which the vet will have treat.

If your cat is not neutered then this would eb a cause for him to scent mark the house, so having him neutered would help to prevent this.

your last option is to try a period of the litter training mentioned on this page

It is designed to allow your cat to get to know his litter tray while in a confined space meaning that he has less space to worry about. Some cats who are anxious find a large area quite intimidating and so being in a smaller space for a while helps to build them confidence again.

There are also cat litters around which are designed to actually encourage your cat to use the tray cat attract is one. you can find more information about this here

best wishes Kate

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