Cat losing hair and drinking more

Hi, i have a 5 yr old female cat who seems to be losing her hair, not in chunks but she licks herself alot and her tail is losing it hair, its not to the bone but it almost looks like it has been shaved in spots, and also losing on her legs, she still has an appetite and is drinking alot of water and her behavior hasnt changed but she does try to get outside alot to eat grass, she is an inisde cat but i have let her out a few time. Is this something i should be worried about?

yes this could be an indication that your cat is not feeling well and is anxious about it.

Over grooming is often a sign of this and if she is drinking more this could be an indication of an underlying probelm. perhaps diabetes.

A trip to your vets is the bets option at this time. he will be able to do skin checked to make sure there are no mites etc causing the over grooming and if not then he will want to do some further tests to see why your cat may be drinking more as this can be an indication of several conditions other than diabetes.

best to go as soon as you can before your cats develops sores and also if there is an underlying illness then the sooner it is caught and treated the better.

Hope she is feeling better soon


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