cat losing some weight


My cat is 2 years old, recently it has been very hot in the 40s

He is eating and playing , drinking water and sleeping a lot

We have noticed that he has lost some weight.

He was over weight before, so we cut out one of his meals, so now he eats 3 wet meals a day plus biscuits.

His teeth and gums are pink, his coat is shiny and a little coarse, his urine is normal colour and his stool is hard and very solid.

he has slept a lot whilst it has been hot though as have our other 2 cats who are 18 months each.

The other cats also play a lot, sleep a lot and drink a lot, there urine is also normal colour but their stools are not so hard.

What could be the problem

It could simply be that he is not drinking enough in the hot weather. Lack of fluid can make the stool hard. See my page about cat constipation for some more tips on how to help your cat

As for his weight loss well that could be because of the diet you have him on or it may simply be due to the heat. My advice would be that if he continues to eat normal but is still losing weight then you will need to take him to see the vet for some blood work. There are several conditions which can cause weight loss but only tests can diagnose correctly. Thyroid problems are one of the main reasons for weight loss, see this page for more information

As I say if his weight loss continues, take him to the vets as soon as possible.

best wishes Kate

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