cat losing weight

Lately my cat has been losing weight.You can see her rib cage. She is eating like she is suppose to. She is also drinking a lot of water and can not hold her bladder to long after drinking. can you help me?

Answer by Kate
The symptoms sounds to me like your cat may either have a hormonal problem or may have diabetes. She really needs to see a vet to have some tests done.

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by: Mary

I have a 12 year old cat named "Snickers" that I rescued 3 years ago.
At first she was very healthy looking and checked out when I took her to the vet to be checked and updated on her shots.
After about 1 year, I noticed she was drinking alot of water, her coat didnt look smooth and silky anymore and she was also having trouble holding her urine.
I suspected diabetes and called the vet who said we need to do bloodwork asap.
(Diabetes and Thyroid Disease is common in some older cats).
Her bloodwork showed she did not have Diabetes BUT her Thyroid level was almost bottomed out.
Left untreated much longer, she would have crashed.
She was placed on Thyroid meds (I get them filled at Walgreens very cheap) and she gets 1 pill a day.
Within 2 weeks after getting on her meds she looked like her old self.
Her coat has remained smooth and silky and her urine leakage stopped.
For a 12 yr. old cat, she is spunky as a kid.

My point being this:
Cats are very stubborn animals.
They normally dont look sick or act sick until whatever is wrong with them has been present awhile. They dont like to complain.
Cats go downhill quickly when left un-treated for things like Diabetes or Thyroid as well as other illnesses.
It is ALWAYS best to take your cat to the vet as soon as you see her acting differently.
You will be glad you did and so will your kitty.
Best wishes to you and your cat.

comment by kate
thank you Mary. A excellent post.

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